dudes i can see the option button on top right screen when i hit tab

my pc its not alien so i have to play on minimal resoluiton but when i press esc theres a option button but only have few options and dont help at all

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Well at this point the game is in alfa state but garry and the devs are adding more features to the game everyday.

i know but how i can oppen the options tab ? i’ve seen gameplays when u hit tab on top right theres a option menu with everything u can change

Escape -> options

The menu you talk about is probably the old options menu, don’t think that exists anymore ( I’m not too sure )

scape -> only have 3 options --’ omfg first day when i bought it i was like 30-35 fps now i’m like 5 --’ spent 38$ for it

You spent money for the alpha, not a complete game. You’re not entitled to anything, you’re supposed to give feedback.

Try to find the cause for the lag and report the cause.

if u not going to help me dont fucking post here

People have told you how to change options. If I see somebody complaining about them buying early access to an early alpha, I’ll set them straight.