I have a problem with garry’s mod but i don’t know how to explain it, i just got the game today and i think it has something to do with shading effects but idk for sure please i need help!!

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This is a horrible way to ask for help lol.
what is it doing exactly?
can you post any screenshots?

Ya its lol but here you go its kinda hard to see

This is how Garry’s Mod was made to be played! It gives you that great retro feeling of buggy games while retaining it’s huge modability!

In all seriousness make sure that your game settings are set correctly for your PC to handle it.

Looks like a model fucked up. Try verifying cache in Steam.

Im kinda new to the PC world so how do i do that? lol

Just go into your steam game library and right click on gmod, go into properties, its under the local files tab, should be the last option

Any other ideas? 'cause that didn’t work :frowning:

What graphics card do you have?

Intel® Q965/Q963 Express

Garry’s Mod, among many other Source games, have issues with Intel and integrated chipsets, so that potentially could be your issue.

Oh wow, thanks for the help btw!!!