Hello, guys. Launch an experimental rust, given such an error


You can try verifying integrity of game cache?


right click on the “rust” listing on the left in steam. go to “properties”. go to the “local files” tab at the top, and click “verify integrity of game cache”.

All files have been tested

And? Is it any better?

omg. game does not work, what should I do?

Have you done your Windows Updates?

What are your system specs?

no, Required?

My guess is it’s an EAC problem, not Rust.

Okay – why do you think that? Is this an educated guess or a worthless shot-in-the-dark without any knowledge behind it?

Well 25 years ago at University doing IT and Business studies, I found search engines useful.

What do I do?

Do your Windows Updates. Sometimes that’s the problem.

Set, rebooted. Does not work

System specifications, please?

CPU, RAM, video card, mostly.

wow. Only that the update was, it worked