I have been having problems trying to get on my friends server and its only his server a lot of people go on it but when i went onto my friends hamachi server and we played together it started there, The next day i wanted to play on my friends server because a lot of people were playing on it then and it was at Sending client info when it quit and i kept trying and it was still quiting I asked my friend and he said delete all your add ons and then join it and i did and it did not work i re-installed my gmod and it still did not work, I play on a iMac Old one and i have 8g’s and I don’t understand the problem here. Please get back to me when you can <3 -Dilly

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title. This was literally the exact title we told you NOT to use. Also all bold posting." - postal))

Please do not use hamachi.