Help me eac or Garry. I know you get this a lot I didn’t get banned or hack. I was playing a modded server bloddy massacre and I guess my game didn’t load in render in. I killed these 3 guys but I didn’t see their walls but I could see everybody else’s. I killed them and they called me a hacker and said they were going to report me. I’m not sure if they have but just to make sure I’m writing this lol. I felt bad after I realize what happened. I let them kill me.

And I’m going to ignore everyone but eac don’t feel like arguing anyways feel free to check my account.

umm, you aren’t banned. at very least, that account has neither a VAC or EAC (game) ban on it.

EAC won’t ban purely on reports, they act on evidence of cheats running in the games memory.

Yea man I was just worried that’s all but do you know if it’s a bug? I saw threw there walls and killed them.

there are/were some fov issues. that said, only you know if it’s a bug or hacks; and EAC will let you know pretty quickly if it’s the latter;)

Yea I had my fov all the way up and nah I’m not hacking if I was I would of stolen their stuff lol but thanks man