i was playing garrys mod it froze when i was saving, i had to turn of the computer an dit corrupted the game, now whenever load it a black screen comes up with a slsh going from one corner going to the opposite, and all my saved games are gone as well as my addons, and i cant add any add ons to the game. please help me fix it

Reinstall Gmod


Also this is why you don’t restart your computer, you use task manager.

Or make a new garrysmod folder

Oh my god, the OP is kinda trollish, but yea Re-install Gmod, if that don’t work It’s your computer

All I have to say is :hurr: He can’t spell for shit, even if I tried not to, I still can spell correctly :v:

Anyways Re-install Gmod by deleting your garry’smod folder and go to steam and go delete local content, then reinstall

No profit??

Post Specifications and your GPU model. e.g nVidia 7800 GS or Gt.