now ive started this thread because of this
CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map ‘maps/sdk_mapper.bsp’
map load failed: sdk_mapper not found or invalid

it happens whenever i try any map any map!
please halp i really need this fixed :frowning:


oh yeah my map name is sdk_mapper happier lolz :smiley:


oh yeah how do you make teleport places cause i just made two destinations :smiley:

Not you again. Also, go to the Mapping section, unless you havent learned that there are more sections than just

lol? and i know that just i have the error so read it! is for downloads. Go to help and support.

that doesnt help a thing try yourself navigating through there and trying to find a place for some help it just doesnt work but hang on i have it


and the help desk wont help im telling you guys can you help and its probably a no f*** this crap!

What are you talking about now?

i cant fing get my maps to fing work for f*** sake!

You can fucking swear, good lord.

Ask in the mapping section, they help with maps, if you couldn’t already tell.

Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa that is so funny …

Why is everyone in Garry’s mod discussion so stupid?

All the minges are migrating.