I don’t know why, but it just started doing this. Everytime I join a server and it’s almost done loading (this apply’s to every server), I crash. hl2.exe not responding. Help please.

Do you have any other windows open that could possibly be using up alot of CPU?

Did you try restarting your computer?

Let me try that.


That didn’t help, infact now when I start garrys mod it crashes.

Similar problem here. It crashes at loading resources. It seemed to start after I downloaded the patch. Someone help.

Alot of people seem to be having this problem recently…

Did this start happening after you added something to your files or downloaded something?

If all else fails, rename your original Garry’s Mod to Garrysmod2… Then startup the game, it will create a new Garry’s Mod folder, and see if you crash still.

I got military models yesterday, I will look in to your solution.

Alright, this will be fixed within the next hour.

I’ve spoken to Garry and that’s what he told me.

This started right after the patch, this does not involve addons.

It’s something to do with system specs.

No, it can’t be, this just started after the patch.

Okay then, try again in a couple of hours…

Best of luck to you all :slight_smile:

Yay!!! I really want to play.

Same, I don’t know why some people can play…


Garry Newman to me
show details 3:19 PM (17 minutes ago)

We’re working on the problem, patch will be out soon.


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On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 11:12 PM,xxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Everytime I join a server, my garry’s mod crashes. I think this is because of the new update, I don’t know.

I just got a fix, hooray for Garry!!!

We gave up and rolled back to 25. So it should be exactly how it was yesterday.