I accidently deleted the following folders in the main garrysmod folder (with addon subfolder etc etc):Lua,Models and Materials.If someone could copy and paste what is in these folders for me,i’d be able to restore them…Please help facepunch!! i’m at the point of crying because gameplay is rough and i cant use any (ANY) mods!HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!


Me getting shot: :commissar:

They’re automatically re-extracted from the gcf the next time you run the game…
And for your custom addons and models, your only hope is to perform an undelete, which i doubt will bring all your content back.

how the hell do i do that?!

here, try this

i tried a few of those.not one worked…i’d prefer the copy paste thing

then go and re-downland your addons

no,because i already tried that


i need those folders

everything needed for gmod to run is automatically downloaded at game start

if it doesn’t then verify your game cache

look,guys i honestly dont understand how i get to the game cache etc etc…is it possible if i uninstall gmod and reinstall it i can get my folders back?

Just delete your whole Garrysmod folder, everythings going to get “Reinstalled” the next time you run it.




thanks everyone