Helper Pack

Ok, I know NONE of this shit is in MW2, i just use the MW2 hands because there fun to model with.

This little pack i made up contains a couple of things for helping out yourself and friends.

You can find what is in this pack at the download, There is also some screenshots there aswell.

New version released, Fixed the hands missing.

Im a little to tired to explain some more but heres something you should know.

The defib doesnt work on npcs, So stop crying.


Nice work :wink:

So you can actually revive people with the defibs?

I have wanted all of theys for ages thanks :smiley:

A big disappointment that you canot revive npc’s. Is there no way of doing that.

Like if you can set it so when you use it on ragdolls they disappeare and spawn a npc.

I downloaded this and then noticed that the mw2 hands arent included.

Can you please add a link to the hands or at least say that you need to download then first.

I would have to say this is great. I love the drink would be great for rp. spray for the medics. The injectore for the police and the coke to be sold in the stores.

One question. What does the defence case do ? I placed it on the ground like it said and nothing ?

It reduces damage done to you methinks.

Zoey, u gonna make an SVN for your MW2 weapons? There’s so many goddamn updates and mediafire is as slow as shit.

Hmm, there are useful for RP. Military Roleplay or something?

RAWR the link is dead.

Apparently we are supposed to download it here heheheh.

Sorry for the delay, I had some other work to finish for my new Coop gamemode.

Theres a new update coming out, No… you cant revive npcs but you can zap them! :3

Your MW2 weapons pack download link on mediafire is saying that it was removed, please tell me I didn’t miss them?

I goto the download, I click the media fire link, Its there.

It works now. Thanks.

Great stufe epic disappointment with revive but I gues theres nothing you can do about that.


Defib should do more damage because it’s probably going to stop your fucking heart. More in the range of 40-50

Cola shouldn’t regenerate and you should be able to throw the bottle at people with reload, and hit them with it using secondary fire. Bar fights here we come!

Defib shouldn’t charge on its own. You should have to hold mouse 2 to rub them together causing them to charge at a rate of 10 power units per second.

Detonator is missing view textures and world model.

Fountain soda machine for shits n giggles that lets you refill your cola. :v:


Encountering some technical difficulties ever since I installed this mod.

My escape and console button aren’t working and I can’t exit the game manually. Either something’s wrong with the mod or my cousin fucked up my computer something fierce when I let him use it.

I’m looking into it.

Hydra injection should also play the wubububub sound, again for shits n giggles.

good ideas there noobcake

and you can replace its sound with that rather easily.

Now you see, Garry is not replying to me about that problem, Seems to me garry did a Fuck up in his code, because for some reason the client side hook RenderScreenspaceEffects is fucking over your console and escape key, It is not my fault that garry cant stop client side EFFECTS from screwing over client admisions…


  1. addons\Zoeys MW2 Weapons\lua\weapons\mw2_defib\shared.lua

Line 111

trace.Entity:TakeDamage(25, self.Owner, self)


trace.Entity:TakeDamage(50, self.Owner, self)

  1. addons\Zoeys MW2 Weapons\lua\weapons\mw2_cola\shared.lua

Line 51

SWEP.Primary.Ammo = “HelicopterGun”


SWEP.Primary.Ammo = “SniperPenetratedRound”

  1. Been working on that ever since, Its hard to get a good looking animating for that kinda thing.

  2. Why in the world is that happening? its fine for my friends.

  3. Urm… No :v:

I see. Well, is there any way to work around it?

Work around what? “Sorry, its late”

The escape menu and console not working. I like the mod, and I’d love to see it without this horrible bug.

Try removing this mod and play gmod, and see if the menu works then