Helping a friend out. What to put on his server

so my friend is in charge of some darkrp server (shitty, yes, but what am i going to do?)
he has inquired my help in making sure its a reasonable server, in the sense its fun, but with not a shitload of stuff.
what i am asking is
what should we have installed onto the server as “mandatory” additions? im talking scripts and what not mostly.
things to make doors unownable would be good too

so far i have on my list
prop protection
script enforcer

I suggest Evolve, it’s a really good admin addon.

that looks pretty good. ill tell him

You should avoid big addons packs and anything with lots of materials/models, people won’t join after they realise theres 1000+ models to download.

What TechnoBabbleAdz said. Just like wiremod, (even tho many have it) it got a lot of custom models and so on. Wire isn’t needed for an RP server, am I right?