Helping any servers

So I don’t know any way to put this without sounding like advertisement. But I do want to get this out here. If your a server owner and want a few more players on your sever hit me up on steam @ Totally Not Ahsoka and I will help you out to my best abilities.

yes i am interested in getting players can u add me i pay well

You seem very vague - How do you plan to do this out of interest?

Do you have a large friendship group?
Or maybe a very deep, smooth and slender voice which entices players to say?
Or maybe a naughty backdoor in a workshop addon redirecting players to a certain server?
Or maybe exploiting steam’s server browser?
Or maybe even something else?

You didn’t even leave your steam profile… But I guess I can always just add the 996,439 people with the same name as you…

I help servers uninstall darkrp for $5 a server
if you need darkrp uninstalled today hit me up
guaranteed to make your server 500% more fun!

How are you going to help us get players? Are you just going to spam people on skype and steam or advertise the server or how are you suppose to get the players…

How much for uninstalling multiplayer?