Helping me to buy?

*I am not sure if thanks allowed,but I have read through the forum rules and didn’t find any warning asking someone to help someone hit and pay him

When the price of auction hits below 50 or 60 bucks,it would be 4 am in my place and I would still be sleeping…

So if anyone in other timezone countries could possibly help me gets key,that’d be great.

He or she would show me the receipt of PayPal,and I would send him the money and he give me the key.

Please do not ban me if this cross the rules.Like I said I cannot find this warning in the rules

(User was banned for this post ("keep key buying discussion to the sticky" - postal))

why dont you just set an alarm for 4 am, wake up for 10 minutes, buy the key, and go back to sleep…

It’s easy why is the price is high, garry rust beta keygenerator not work and he needed some key to give his friends to test the game, and when he buy a game he loose money from his main credit card but his 2nd credit card get the game, and when the pepels see this they start to buy the game because " ohh noo its started and i want a copy from the game "

because hes trying to get a free key, thats all


I said I’m paying is that cheating ?

How about answering him instead of being an ass?
He clearly has a point.

He don’t want to answer because hes probly 12 years who go to school and can’t even think about waiking up for 5 min to buy a game late on the night

Note: hes mom probly turn of hes internett

I am asking for a help,not a tip,nor a suggestion.

Well if you want to stand up for youself and buy your own key:

Beg your mom to not turn of the internett for the night nor your dad.

borrow a phone from your family and set a alarm on, then go on your computer and buy it?

Like I said I am just ASKING for HELP…Negative replies like yours, sigh

you are 15… please don’t buy the game, I don’t want more tiny voices kids ingame calling everyone hackers when some die.

Technically, when someone gives you a tip or a suggestion, they are trying to help you…

I said to do it yourself, because no one on this forum will buy the game for you, in hopes you will pay them back for it. Because sure, you can be saying you will pay them, but a lot of people probably think its shifty enough you just cant buy it yourself. So Im trying to HELP you by saving you time. By asking a bunch of rust players (who are some of the shadiest people ive ever met), you will either get ripped off yourself, or you could rip someone off, so either way, skip the headache and drama, and set your damn alarm and wake up for 10 minutes.

Wow you got a fast internett and live in Singapore, thats awesome, want to know where I live and what I do too?


If this is it,if it’s helping,then I apologize and thank you.

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