Helping me with Basewars.

Yeah I get it every thread people make about basewars gets like 100 bad ratings. But I’m willing to put it $25 into a public release of basewars. If more people were willing to pay some good coders like exho, ikefi, and etc. Then we would have a damn public version by now. So I was wondering if people were willing to help me with the following.

Donations: I would like to raise money to pay some coders. I will put in $25.

Mapping: Yes I can map I would like to make some custom maps to work with this gamemode, we will use half life 2 textures, css, csgo. Any questions please comment below

Modelers: People who know how to model might be useful for custom printers.

Now I don’t want to accept donations until we have pleged enough at least $200. I will accept money but if you don’t want me to due to not enough trust I understand and you will donate directly to the coders.

Before you rate this stupid think to yourself wouldn’t I like my own damn server of base wars and one that’s not shitty that looks like darkrp. Im so sick of shitty darkrp servers ripping off little kids that use their moms credit card to get a $40 a month admin rank, it’s pathetic and sad that owners are doing this.

AIX-Who was working on a public one afaik

Do you know when he will and when he will stop hosting?

I do not, sorry!

Add me on steam!

just gonna leave this here

Added you!

I know GLua pretty well. Hmu on steam

Loures and I where considering doing a public base wars, but it seems that that there’s a few on-going projects as it is.

I would be willing to pledge about $20 to a public release. I would also be willing to help in the creation I am no expert but I can still do a good amount.

You really don’t.

$45 right here. Ill tell AIX so far.