Helping some strangers out

“Damn shame 'bout yer power thing-a-ma-jiger over there…”

The shadows were edited in with Gimp, the rest was with a volumetric lighting effect and some lamps on gm_shambles.

Very creative scene :slight_smile:

Where’d you say you two were from? Mexico?

Nice picture, could use a few more props to build more of an environment but either way, I like it! May I ask where you got the guy on the left?

lamps? then why did you have to draw the shadows afterwards? the lighting is ultra dull in either case

Dear God.
That is a beautiful beard.

The guy is the trucker survivor from a pack Simkas made here:

As for the lighting, my computer doesn’t support dynamic shadows, so I had to paint them in. What could I do to make the lighting more interesting?