Hercule Cubbage: No Roads Left

Well, this is relatively new. I usually make comics, but I decided to do some “promotional” work for The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage. It’s still fairly basic and nothing compared to you guys and your whooping scenebuilds, but please be gentle!

Also, have a song (yes, it’s Linkin Park, I allow you to shoot me for that):

Big version:

I pretty much figure people will point out the amount of white space and the emptiness, but that was the intention. Anything else, including accusations of filter rape (though I didn’t really use filters) and posing criticism, is fair game!

I’m really hoping the fourth comic comes out very soon. I’ve been highly interested in your comic series and would love to see more.

Thank you! It’s at about 23% completion right now. I’m hoping to get it finished before the end of the year - in any case, I was thinking of at least releasing a preview on Christmas, to celebrate the date.

I actually re-read the entire series a few days ago, again. I’m also eagerly anticipating this next episode!

Can never go wrong with promotional work!