Here Comes The Bride

It’s a dude, dont be fooled by the dress!

The logo is too low-def to me. But the picture still looks sexy.

I’d like it better without the jockey, otherwise it’s very good.

But no wedding is complete without a Jockey. :frowning:

Where’s the Flower Maiden?


What map is it? It looks really nice though.

Holy shit.

Do you take this… woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Awfully cool work there Urbanator. You never disappoint.

Was expecting Kill Bill. Sadfaced, then saw the pose and was all like :holy:

damnit you make me jealous.


Did you shoot the computer screen?

Because dayum thats one good SCREEN SHOT.

Awesome screenshot!


Can’t you see the female boomer waddling up the aisle?

Shes coming as fast as she can leave her alone.

ba dum tshh

You make me cry

lolol random smog