here is a tip for all people who have trouble finding ur friends

aghit here is a tip, this is how me and my friend found each other at the first time… only took us 10 min: random respwn till u find a road/ a land mark like a rad town… tell ur friend to do the same… when u found the road keep following it doesn’t matter which way … every land mark u pass by such as oiltank, hangar, or radtowns try to remember them and tell ur friend on Skype or steam how they looked like… For ex: there is a very big radtown with alotta radioation that looks like a maze have u passed it yet? OR there is a empty field with a lot of zombies that has 2 oil tanks in the middle of it.
if u and ur friend keep following the road u’ll eventually find a land mark that ur friend has seen, then tell ur friend to go back to it once found each other stick together… it’ll take u guys maximum 15 min to find each other if not getting killed or being stupid.
hope its helpful to all the new plyers getting rust and have no idea how to find their friends

if you think my way is stupid or you have a better way feel free to criticise and comment they way u think is smarter

So basically using your brain. That is all that needed to be said and if someone actually needs this advice well will not last on rust too well.

ahahah I see what you mean… lool but I’ve seen many people saying they cant find their friends or asking the DEVs to creat a compass or a map… many ppl even asked the devs to implent the TP thing