"Here is AFO Wolfpack, Requesting Close Air Support. Out."


“That was fucking danger close!”

too brown.
But its not like i can make anything better anyway so yeah its pretty damn good

the guy with the pistol doesn’t want his picture taken?

he is shy

Some black smoke would be nice. Good job.

Posing does need some work on the guy holding the Soflam, nice effects though :slight_smile:

for what

I really hope these actually get released.

They’ll be released

excellent models. the laser looks like crap. the explosion is way too close. a 10s don’t actually fly that close to the ground unless they’re doing strafing runs. the laser is used for lgb bombs, which they drop from a high altitude.

thanks, but why people use justin shit’s picture as their profile picture?

Because Gary has decreed it so.

Shadows need to be darker in contrast and more numerous.

it depends. in a very bright area, a lot of light will be reflected from the other side and shadows will be minimized.

is Garry like Justin shit?

Way too bright IMO

Since when does Shepard care about danger close?

Wait a minute… Wolf pack… Shepard… Shepards herd sheep… wolves eat sheep.


Everything was okay until I scrolled to the left.

it’s still too bright, blindingly so. it’s better than it was when you showed me before, but really, it should not be that blinding. i know everyone likes to think the desert is blinding because the sun is beating down and shit but seriously, people, get the fuck away from the bloom slider. i also told you to lose the laser with good reason (that reason being both that it looks bad and it makes no sense without some dust particles to reflect from). the posing is alright, but you seriously let yourself down on the edit. spend more time on your pictures.

no it doesn’t, what on earth makes you think that pose needs work? christ, you’d have a heart attack if you’d seen me shoot from one knee before i fucked my right one up, i used to practically sit on my right foot. i still would if it didn’t hurt to bend my knee that far back.