"Here is AFO Wolfpack, We got enemy mortar crew. Requesting for Apache."



You need an apache when your five feet away from the target?

Zhem models, where to obtain?

cool pic, really like the background… :wink:

ugh… well… they’re not motar crew.

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thanks man, chl0407 or I’ll upload soon. :slight_smile:

first up, inconsistent lighting, especially with the background. the ingame stuff doesn’t blend with the photo at all. second, the explosion just doesn’t look right. maybe one day if i can be bothered, i’ll post a thread of references taken from a guy i know who got snaps of every explosion he’s seen on his tours to iraq and afghanistan, but don’t hold me to that.

also, why the hell did they allow them to get that close? that’s incredibly stupid, even if they had the drop on them. you don’t want to get that close at all unless you’re down to bayonets, much less call in an apache.

That terrorist on the right looks so derp, seriously look him in the eyes!!!

I always wonder what would happen if that bearded guy’s beard caught on fire…

Sure, why not call an apache? Overkill!

There is no kill like overkill.

It’s how America gets shit done. Ask Japan.

uh, USA dropped the N-Bomb to end the war… not to be overkill faggots.

cue uneducated hipster kids whining about it like they know what the fuck, and as if they had the power of hindsight during the single largest and most costly conflict in the history of mankind

cliffnotes: war in pacific seemed likely to continue well into 1946 and possibly beyond, mass casualties on both sides were predicted during an invasion, soviets were getting uppity and needed to be sat the fuck down by the western allies. solution: demonstrate overwhelming power to both japanese and soviets. japanese surrender, soviets realise they don’t want to fuck the west about, and although it was a horrible shitty thing to do, a few hundred thousand lives to end the war quickly sure beats a few million and several more years of war followed by uncertainty in europe (or at least, worse uncertainty than there already was). don’t even try the ‘BUT THEY WERE CIVILIANSSSSSS’ card, because the japanese populace would have fought tooth and nail and/or killed themselves rather than allow their homeland to be invaded. the shock value of the bombs didn’t give them a chance to do either, thankfully. allied troops, japanese troops, and japanese civilians all avoided even worse losses because of those bombs, and britain avoided becoming even more financially hosed by total war. again, shitty thing to do, but hardly unnecessary overkill.

this lesson in military history brought to you by ross. enjoy your day, and encourage people to be understanding so next time they don’t need to drop anything.

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disclaimer: i have only the vaguest idea of what ‘hipster’ actually means, all i know is it’s generally used as an insult so it applies well in that sense to the kinds of people who can protest the use of nuclear weapons to end the war while not giving a flying fuck about the millions who die every year in shitty failed states nobody cares about

Do you two not know the definition of a joke?

i didn’t laugh - therefore not a joke or a really shit one

Very very nice lighting on the guy on the left.

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why is your name on his ass

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Personally, I don’t think you should ever ever put your name as a watermark on a screenshot. Makes you look like a cunt and it’s not really necessary.

aside from it being unfunny, i have a hard time telling if people in this place are joking or if they’re genuinely that fucking stupid. it’s usually the latter.

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take the guy who disagrees with me, for example

Understandable. I am an idiot, but history is where I tend to be a bit smarter. Now back to making dumb jokes…

youre dumb for calling yourself stupid