"Here is Crawler One, We already stucked in this area."


Those antlions look duped.

“Get the can of raid and some fly swatters, we’re in deep ****!”

They’re all NPCs

Everything looks fine except for the Antlions. I think you should’ve used something else because they all look copy + pasted (since they are). Or you could have used the HL2:E2 spitter antilons to add some variety.

Great atmosphere though, cool pic!

What are those vehicles from?

You should’ve turned the AI on to have them move around a bit, maybe even stand close to the vehicle to entice them to appear like they’re attacking it. I did a similar trick for my last comic with the Chopper and APC.

Is that a scenebuild? Also where did you get those trucks from?

Otherwise very neat picture!

Nice, the antlions is the only thing that bothers me.

Where did ya’ get the MRAP’s from though?

its the mrap maxxpro from arma


nice picture tho

Ahhhhhhh, please

please what? you keep showing off these arma vehicles and not expect for people to know where they cam from? i wasnt complaining or anything, just responding to the questions people were asking

I dont care if they know where they came from or not. But please, please just dont disclose that they are came from that game.

i think the devs of that game that must not be mentioned only really care if you distribute them

they said something like “we can’t stop what someone does in the privacy of their own home, as long as they don’t distribute it to the masses”