Here is the solution to innocent killing

As it is clear for all Rust players, it is almost impossible playing Solo because of those Bandits.
Ok it is one of the contents of this game and I understand well. However by no doubt, it has crossed the line.
This video will suggest a solution to such problem.

what’s wrong with killing innocents?..

  1. Dont build near zombie places.
  2. Dont build near towns.
  3. Dont build near resources.
  4. Build behind rock or in the mountains.
  5. Always watch your back!
  6. Learn to be sneaky!

I built my house on Germany1 200 people server in 3 or 4 hours. 2x2, 3 stories high with multiple metal dors. I agree, it is hard to survive but you have to learn to play before you want something to be nerfed!

Also, when I am full kevlar with guns, I am killing even fresh spawns just because 98% of the time even a naked guy will be running at me with a rock, taking a chance to kill me.

I think wearing a chastity belt will help on not getting your dick crushed by boulders.

to make it clear, Consistent killing of fresh re-spawned characters. Current game status won’t keep new users for long if it is officially released without change

you do realize he was joking right? lol

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he’s… a comedian

if it’s really an “Issue” for you, don’t play PVP and get over it.

are you stupid? do you know how many naked people, look like fresh spawns and carry shotguns? you expect me to be giving them hugs? or even how many of them are suicidal and will just attack you with a rock for a chance?
fuck that i’m not taking a chance, it fhey come near me, walk at me, place themselves aggressively, or ask for food while following me, they are dead
fresh spawns lose jack shit, geared players lose guns, ammo, armor etc

if you make bullets 20 times harder to craft it will only make the hackers and admin stronger (they can create/dupe infinite ammo) and hurt the other 98% of the players (who would struggle to get a few bullets).

you could assume by the time that happens, duping will be patched…

and yeah, imagine you have one or two bullets left and its extremely hard to get some, and you face naked man. What would you do? Just shoot? because they could be pretending to be a fresh spawn? or because they threaten you with a rock? Yes of course they deserve to die if they threatened you in some way. And non-threatening users can also be targeted if you are trying to steal something from them ,as it is content of the game. But the point here is it needs to be balanced. The game balance should make players think at least once before firing there weapon whether killing someone is worth a bullet or not.

bullshit, fresh spawns lose nothing, simple as that, i don’t want the game to cater to whiny noobs having to respawn

2 bullets? are you kidding me? i carry a loaded p250 + 8 extra rounds at minimum, along with a bow, i already use the bow first, and p250 if they get too close because rounds are already fucking expencive

, not to mention some fresh spawns will just walk straight at you, that’s 4 body shots if you hit them all just to defend yourself