Here is two new chapters from l4d ported on gmod.

Here is the last chapter from the L4D campaigne “Death Toll” ported on gmod.

The Smalltown HouseBoat.


And here is the first chapter of the L4D campaign Crash Course. Ported on gmod.

The Alleys !



Enjoy your pose. :wink:

Info: Hence why you need HL2 EP2. Some textures from L4D didn’t work on gmod, so that’s where HL2 EP2 comes in. To replace them.

Thanks man!

Sweet, this will be a little helpful with posing :smiley:

Sorry but your late :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for porting these by the time Garry gets done beta testing all the L4D 1,2 maps you’ll have them all ported
keep up the great work:)

(can’t wait for the Bridge map at the end of L4D 2 that will be great;)

This is nice, I have always wanted to play L4D on GMod. Thanks for porting it!

This port is error free, which is kind of important.

Your sky was pink and black

Nice job!

This makes me wish I had L4D

Very nice, But it looks like there is a cubemaps problem on the cars.


Are these even AI Noded? I wish people would TELL US, if there AI Noded.