Here, There be Dragons...

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the screen layer option. Also, I found a kickass way of creating a flamethrower effect :buddy:

Though I feel like there’s too much empty space on the left, but what can you do v:v:v

Please compare to the original!

Notable Edits -


Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

I’ll never understand how to stitch pictures together. Always infuriates me when I can’t get wider pictures :frowning:

This though, is quite amazing. I love the lighting. The effects are what you always use though :stuck_out_tongue: (Next Michael Bay?) Haha.

But… I’ve never used these particular pictures before :saddowns:

Very nice picture you did, but yeah you’re right, you could add more of those hovercrafts or Dragons but not much, other than that, very good job.

You are right, this is very original(I’m not being sarcastic), I actually enjoy this picture. Being somewhat of a dragon lover, this is quite nice. I know I probably could never portray the effect you gave in this picture, the cross between modern, or future weaponry against a fire breathing dragon the size of a battleship.

HNNNGGG :smithicide:

The fire has too different styles, the one at the begining looks transparent and opaque and the one at the end is very realistic and sexy, and it looks like they are on a different angle at the point where they join.

Said that, the final part of the firey is fucking awesome, the lighting on the Mantas is sexy as hell, and the stitching is perfect.


Oh, and the pose is fucking awesome too.

Wait, what?

Fire tutorial now, kthxbai.

Anyways, this is extremely sexy piece you have created. Pose is good, editing is good.

Editing is always great but the screenshot itself is a little boring.

Sorry, sometimes I dont know how to express myself since english isnt my main language.

I mean that it looks opaque, the yellow color at the begining of the fire is not very bright, and I think it should be, but that could be just me and my ugly laptop screen.

But still, the part where both parts of the fire trail is weird.

Nice editing. Cool dragons. :smile:

Picture is too small for my monitor :saddowns:


Don’t stress yourself, hun. :slight_smile: <3

Awesome job you did though, I really like it. Because I hate those Dragon models, their a bitch to pose. Also, I would like to know what map you used because it looks rather interesting, also could you tell me what those ship models are becasue they look really cool.

And on a side note, your avatar is fucked. :slight_smile:

Heh, your monitor must be a movie theater screen then, because I’m running this at 1920x1080 and it still stretches the page. Fails to see the joke.

Anyway, that’s a very impressive picture. Really something to admire, in my opinion.

Reminds me of Reign of Fire.
Outstanding pose.

wtf, whats your resolution

as for the picture, the shading on the ship getting blown up is superb as discussed previously
fire looks nice too and the stitching looks perfect… overall great pic

I actually used a pic from that as a bit of a reference for the flames.

Dragons rock.

Can you show us how you did the flames? In a detailed 30 minute voices tutorial.(Pause for laughter)Cricket

But I really want a tutorial.

I’ll make the flame tutorial after I make that explosion tutorial everyone wants…