Here, use this. (Aliens Dropship)

I found this in the BIS forums, Some may recognize it.

It is intended for ArmA 2, but that shouldn’t stop any of you from porting it to source. It has animations, I think, along with some nifty textures that come with. God speed.

It goes without saying, I did not make this; I’m just a lowly mapper. :wink:

Cheyenne dropship-awesome.

It isn’t optimised and appears to lack a UVW map. I may be wrong though.

I know it isn’t optimized, or so I’ve been told on the BIS forum, that’s where you guys come in; and yes, it does come with a UV map there are some nice textures included in the rar. It shouldn’t be that hard, really.

All I’m asking is to make the Dropship ready for Gmod, an interior would be nice too. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)


Are 20k Tris too much or something?

That’s a buttfuck large amount for the source engine, and that seriously looks like the Pelican from the Halo series.

That is not a buttfuck large amount. It’s a regular screw. The Heavy is ~22,000 quads or ~44,000 tris. This is absolutely nothing to Source.

You’re not likely to find models these days smaller than say 5000-10000 tri.

And Da, it’s actually the Pelican that used features of the Aliens dropship.

Err… The peli was based off of this honey. :raise:

Also, great news, get this baby done. :smiley:


Please. I would really like this to be made.

I find that hard to believe, especially considering how much Valve optimizes everything. Proof?

Dog’s model in HL2 was approx 6000 tri and that was 5 years ago (holy crap was HL2 really that long ago 0_o), I think opeth might be overestimating a bit… but the TF2 models are certainly in the 10K tri or higher range.


Well, I don’t have SourceSDK installed to show the pic or decompile for the full stats, but you can just pop open the Model Viewer and look.

In any case, I would really like to see this put into G-mod. There has to be somebody willing to take the challenge.

As much as I’d like to see some cool shit from Aliens… I’d much rather see someone tackle the dropship from Starship Troopers…

… for reason that have absolutely nothing to do with my love for an unnamed Starship Troopers Roleplay server…

… what? Don’t look at me like that?

I’ll take a look, not gonna put any ragdolled stuff though, as i’m still figuring that out.

Edit: Can’t open .max files as i would expect most people can’t (as its a 3dmax only format) and the .3ds in the pack is empty.


I can open it in BIS Oxygen 2 editor… Not that it matters, because that is for ArmA 2.

Have you tried the .p3d? Because that is the file that spawned the screenshot.

Milkshape can only open .3ds of the 3dmax formats and i’ve not seen any other programs that can open any other 3dmax format than that (other than 3dmax itself). I don;t even know what a .p3d is first time i’ve seen one (certainly can’t open it).

Ohhh… p3d is the ArmA model format… :confused: