Here we go again..RP problems

1.When i buy a gun it floats and so does money… what CS:S folders do i use?
2.My drugs aren’t in the F4 menu but on the entity’s tab
3.How do i delete a job?

                            If anyone could help you would blow my mind!
  1. Usually the float problem is because you need Counter Strike, which can be installed using whatever a host is offering.

  2. Did you add the drugs into the file where entities have to be added to show up?

  3. You delete a job in shared.lua

I ran the update for Counter Strike and put it in the orangebox folder and things still float? and my drugs work also i deleted the jobs.


You have to actually install CS:S on your server. If you can’t figure it out, ask your host to do it for you.

I host it myself