"Here we go! Still thinking i'm not serious?" - Robber executing hostage on street.

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Very nice.

The robber looks badass :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice posing altho I was hoping to see a bloody picture of him shooting the hostage :stuck_out_tongue:

Work on your titles, they kill your pics.

A terrorist wouldn’t use such 8year-old vocabulary

Well kari is russian, english isn’t his first language.

Cut him some slack eh?

So, when are you going to try and edit your stuff? :v:

When sex pose megathread get sticked :biggrin:

where’d you get that robber model? me like.

Me likes. Me likes it much.

Not shaun! (Dead in the background) :frown:

Good pic.

I know he’s not serious because he has a bluetooth

I like it, though I don’t see why he’s holding the gun next to the supposed ear of the hostage and not the head.

That kevlar vest is one of the best things for Gmod.

Wheres that robber guy D:, I want him

That M9 is huuuuge. He can barely get his fingers around it, and the trigger guard looks like it was made for Gabe’s fingers.

Fat people need pistols too. Rated unfriendly.

Cool picture. Looks like something out of a Denzel Washington film.

Niec except the Terrorist/Robber looks like his head weighs 100 kilos and he is just barely keeping it up