Here's my sexy posing of skin I made.

Yeah, oh yeah. You know you like it baby.

After looking at one of the tutorials of skin making, I realised that I am an awesome skin editor. And so I made a custom, sexy skin for myself.
But anyway, I got a question oh how to get it hexed, so I have normal citizen and this one. Any?

This skin is incredible. Have you considered applying for a skinning position at Valve?

:smiley: Thanks dude. But are you serious? If you are then <3.

I wouldn’t of had used gm_construct. Nice skin though.

Why does he have sponges for arms?

Edit: Or loofahs rather.

I was just quickly checking out whenever the skin is done the way I wanted. And gm_construct is first on mah list of maps. But It turned out to be so sexy I decided to do it right there, right then.
Those are not sponges :confused: Thats a kewl fabric.

It looks slightly terrible.

The colours are just plain odd, the textures are all over the place. You haven’t done much to call this your own skin. Perhaps some facial skinning, new clothes. Then you may call it, your skin.

You might want to turn down the normal mapping on the insides of the sleeves. Other than that nice job.

Edit: Dammit. I missed the sarcasm of the other posts and that threw off my judgement.

Awright ppl, I don’t like being criticised, so I remade mah skin :3 Change a face little bit, and made it look more like real me. :smiley:

FYI I do wear weird jeans with paint on them and get told that my jeans are dirty. And I also wear a top with orange sleeves.

The skin is ugly and if I saw you in real life I’d think you were on drugs/chav/wangster or a complete and total cocker. I’m sorry, this skin isn’t very good.
The huge text on the arms is ugly, the only person with a color choice worse than you is blind pete down by the mail box.

Thnx dude, I appretiate that.

Yeah man, go ask for a job at Valve. That’s amazing. So detailed and realistic. I bet Gabe would be honored to have you on their team.

Less irony dude pwease.

Okay then.

It’s not complete shit. I’ve seen worse. If this is your first skin, it’s not shit. It’s acceptable for the first few skins to be bad. I think my first skin was similar to this. The weird texture overlay you have on the jeans looks bad. You should learn to use the healing brush tool to get rid of that white rectangle on the shirt, and generally just not use filters. The facemap is very under detailed, and the patterns/colors you chose for the clothing are not eye-catching at all.

The second version you have is better, but still not great. Remember to practice.

Thank you master. I will try my best in future attempts. For now, let us rest.

Okay young Daniel-san.

Skin’s not great, but good work regardless.

Oh Dean, rated you funny :smiley:

No need to repeat what th89 said, suck up :v That lame joke wasn’t needed.

But I want to be popular :crying:

Awwww, you’ve hurt his feelings :< Don’t worry, U will always be popular in my heart.