Heresy Grows From Hesitance

He hesitates because he fears for what awaits him if he fires. :v:

and if he doesn’t?

That’s clearly what has him at such an impasse.
If he shoots, her response will be immediate and terrible, but if he fails to, the Emperor’s wrath will also be immediate and terrible. :v:

not sure what the xeno can do after a good ol’ las beam through the cranium

fire already

The fact that there is hesitance at all proves that he is not in complete dedication to the Emperor. He must be executed to prevent this heresy from growing.

Good job on the pic Xan. Could have used some more color though. Not allot going on here colorwise.

What are flashlights going to do against a living target?

you mean the kind of flashlight that doesn’t do diddley against daemonic power armor but can easily blow more frail organics like the turian in the picture in half?

I heard somewhere that a guardsman with a lasgun blew a lictor in half by switching to full auto or something like that.

not that hard to imagine. since one shot easily destroys a limb, going ZOTZOTZOTZOTZOT probably leaves your enemy in at least two separate pieces

so yeah, turian’s fucked

that’s cuz lictors are shit

also depends on the writer

It’s sad, really; The guardsman can see a human emotion being expressed by the xeno: remorse. His first thought is a human one, “If it can feel sadness and remorse for a dead member of its own kind, shouldn’t it also be capable of Good, or Regret?” But the training of the God-Emperor clearly states, “Purge the Alien, the Mutant, the Heretic.”

He will kill the Xeno, it’s been ingrained into him since he was little. But for the rest of his days, that singular moment will haunt him…

Fantastic picture, Xana, you’ve outdone yourself!

Lasguns are apparently still lethal when going trough fairly thick space age concrete walls.

Overall nice picture, but like others have said, a bit more colour would have been nice.

I don’t think I like your tone xenos lover.

Pretty good face posing on the guardsman and swell posing in general but I can’t help but feel it’s a little too colourless

They promised him high-rez armor if he fires.

(damn xana, thanks for still using it but the other set is way better)