Hermit, victim or bully?

Which type of player are u?

friendly deranged hobo who gets bored easily. the remedy to boredom is to break shit, or to help people.

hobo myself. best way of life.

all 3… the life of a server admin :stuck_out_tongue:

Friendly lonewolf/hermit :slight_smile:

Hermit, friendly, occasionally victim, but mostly undisturbed. My home usually has a sign saying ‘poor hermit, I have nothing’ :smiley:

I tend to be a hermit as well but I do get bored easily and that’s when I start to have some fun.

Ninja master. Most players on a server will never see me. I’m generally friendly and I like building bases that are nightmares for raiders as well as raid bases that their owners wrongfully think are unraidable :slight_smile:

Unfortunately being admin on a low pop server, I haven’t been raiding lately.

D) Builder who enjoys some element of risk.

I always start out with a Robin Hood type game style.
Try to convince group Im in (if in a group) that it would be cool to be good guys. Get rejected by group. Lose the faith in mankind as the days in Rust go by. I finally go on a murderous rampage killing every one single living thing.


Any time I spot a cluttered or ugly base, I erase it with C4

Quartermaster. I keep track of the stuffs in a large secure storage facility. I only get to go outside when it’s time to blow other peoples stuffs up or some other reason my team needs an extra gun. I do get to shoot people that get too close to our stuffs though.

im builder in my team. my job is to build secure base for me and my folks. when base is ready i go with them on raids.

after every wipe i cicle through rads to find big box, the most important item in game IMO (beside code lock - wich is now deafult). before code lock was deafult blueprint i didn’t start build before i get that.

This sounds like how I use to play rust but after the rampage you need to have a nice quite base 3 go 2.

Nah… My bases have usually been raided several times thus triggering rampage mode before taking a break from Rust.

As soon as my base is done I sit on my roof and shoot everyone on sight while scream: Get of my fucking lawn!

What server u on I have come across a few people like u. It is fun though when u get bored.

I’m a troll. I spend most of my time building the most annoying bases to raid that are completely devoid of any items.

Im a pyschotic killer.

A were Disturbing Guy that tends to fuck with youre mind