Here’s a scenebuild me and a buddy did, I’ve only put in a few of the shots here in the OP, an album containing every shot is linked below, even ones I should’ve taken out. Also there’s a little story to go with it. [sp]its shit[/sp]




LINK TO ALBUM http://s1129.photobucket.com/user/PKFrohman/library/Hermit?sort=9&page=1 LINK TO ALBUM

During our trip in Ukraine Lenni and I went for a bit of backpacking. We were lucky enough to stumble across an area we thought would make for some great shots, I hope you enjoy, Lenni almost broke his neck several times over trying to get some of these. It looks like whoever lived here may have been residing for some time, and still might be. Lenni and I believe that this building could be the remnants of an old Soviet water treatment plant, but that’s anyone’s guess really. We did not have the time for a more thorough investigation, as it sounded like large animals or perhaps the resident(s) were coming back.

what’s with the jittery pixelation?

Yeah I saw that on the first two, I think that was an error in editing, forgive me for that.

Interesting scene build.

more like prop placement/setup, scenebuild means building pretty much everything in the pic. the walls and floor seem to be map brushes