Hero/Bandit System

I think the game should implement a hero/bandit system hence the title. There is a DayZ variation that has this and it is really cool and pretty subtle. Pretty much you get level 1,2, and 3 armor, in our case cloth, leather, and kevlar. This armor would look different if you are a bandit or a kevlar. In the DayZ variation an example of this would be, if you are a bandit, you have a top half ghillie while if you are a hero you have a full ghillie. You gain hero points from helping bambis and killing bandits. This would be a cool system and would be better than KOSing. There are more benefits to being a hero so people don’t KOS all the damn time. Tell me what you guys think. I got this idea because I have been watching way too much FrankieonPCin1080p. lol

… They specifically said they don’t want a hero/bandit system in the game.

I have never seen any dev say that… and I bet that if they see enough support they would change their mind… KOSing is clearly an issue and making people not want to play. Who knows, maybe they will change their mind… let’s not be a dick.

i agree with Var a humanity system would be really helpful with the kos

well, then again, you can say that about any game. of course people will get mad from getting kos with nothing, but if they stop playing because of that, they might as well not even play online games that allow you to pvp…

DayZ makes KOSing stupid. They need to do the same here.

The DayZ system is broke as hell, and I still KOS whenever i play DayZ beacuse how there’s no punishment for KOSing, rather you get a bad rep, you still do get good loot most of the time.

Garry (And Helk) has previously stated that they do not want to use any system which limits or gimps the player, and using a rep system is the first step towards something like that.

Put it this way the game is not designed like dayz, Rust has PvE (player vs environment) and PvP (player vs player), if you dont want to be killed simply join the PvE hope i helped

I think it would be interesting to see servers with this function, much as I think the sleeper servers are interesting. More options is always a good thing. It’s not a very high priority right now, however.

The pve server is pvp now because sleeper was added

Rust is all about the absence of any system, and we should keep it that way.

bingo. we have enough games that cater to the care bears, that hold the players hand throughout the entire experience. who wants that again? video games are suffering in a huge way these days, because everything needs to be made more “accessible” so make those sales. which leaves those wanting a more challenging experience suffering. people who can’t handle this level of gameplay, you have plenty of other options out there.

I am not having an issue with KOSing. I am representing the people that do. People never kill me.

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If they aren’t going to fix KOSing then it will ruin the game for new players, all that will remain at full launch are us. If Garry and Helk want a small audience playing their game that is fine.

I’m afraid i disagree with you Var.

A system in the game should not make a decision for you. That’s exactly what you will get if this feature gets added.

A player will see a ‘bandit’ looking character and think KOS or stay away. You didn’t make this decision by talking/working/interacting with the player… You will get this assumption simply by looking at them.

It takes out any immerse game play scenario’s that would occur if you didn’t make a decision based on the player being a ‘Bandit’.

Play the game… Don’t let the game play you.

Just an extra point this system would promote KOS even more, because players will say “Hey, look… there is a nice guy over there… he won’t attack me.” They kill him and also… “That guy is a bandit, just kill him”.
This feature takes more away from the game than it adds.

The point of the hero/bandit system is that it gives being a bandit one downside while now is easier and gives you more benefit being a bandit than a hero.

From the quoted article:
“Give all the town members red clothes.”

Please tell me how to do that. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you have ever played DayZ… The goal is to be a hero. If you kill another Hero because you think it will be easy then you will become a bandit. If you are a hero and KOS a bandit, they deserve it because they have been KOSing too. Although it could be tricky, if zombies were better they would run towards gunfire or maybe another player will hear and run up. Most players aren’t bandits alone either, usually they run with more than one person.

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DayZ is one of the most successful MMO’s out to date, if you are saying they have a broken system then you are quite wrong sir.

If you let the players “play however they want” without providing ANY incentive for being nice, a huge percentage of folks will play negatively, which is pretty evident on the server. The other small percentage get tired of trying to be nice and then being taken advantage of.

There’s a difference between letting people play however they want and then getting the lowest common denominator versus having a system in place that incentivizes at least those predisposed to playing nice to do so. In both scenarios, you can play like a jerk. In the second, the whole server doesn’t de-evolve to that level.

You can’t yet, but I guess it’ll be possible in the future, or they wouldn’t have said that.