I’m making a hero clan, and i would like to expand it across the servers. So there are leaders for each server.
Our clan’s aim is to help the poor and demolish the bandits and make the server more peaceful.
And of course, war between us and the bandits should be good fun.

I want people who are willing to share and had experienced spawn kill by bandits who wants to bring justice to rust.

Please comment if you are interested. It won’t work without your help. Thanks

We will discuss the name of the clan when there are enough people.

Put [HERO] next to your name and go and help the poor and demolish those bandits if you have same vision as i have.

Expect us Bandits.

I will PM skype if you ask.

NEW We might get teamspeak! :smiley:

NEW my skype: zwhiskeyz

My time is GMT

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