Hero clan

I’m making a hero clan, and i would like to expand it across the servers. So there are leaders for each server.
Our clan’s aim is to help the poor and demolish the bandits and make the server more peaceful.
And of course, war between us and the bandits should be good fun.

I want people who are willing to share and had experienced spawn kill by bandits who wants to bring justice to rust.

Please comment if you are interested. It won’t work without your help. Thanks

We will discuss the name of the clan when there are enough people.

Put [HERO] next to your name and go and help the poor and demolish those bandits if you have same vision as i have.

Expect us Bandits.

I will PM skype if you ask.

NEW We might get teamspeak! :smiley:

NEW my skype: zwhiskeyz

My time is GMT

Sounds like fun. I just made my house and my equipment on the UK server. Hook me up if you need any members, my nickname is Ekrem in the game.

I got a 9mm pistol with around 50 ammo to spend. Beside that I also got full leather armor, so I am a bit well prepared to protect the innocent and poor.

US Servers?

nice idea, good potentially turn the tides against the evil bastards lol.

Indeed. i played on UK server untill i was traped in wooden walls by the bandits… Put [HERO] next to your name and expand the clan in UK. I’m currently at Us west server. :slight_smile:

I would totally help out, just need to watch out for corruption.

Yes. US west coast? if you are not on it, put [Hero] next to your name and expand the clan.
We need more people.

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we need firm leaders to avoid corruption. What server you on?


I do have skype. but don’t have Ts.

PM me


Put [HERO] and expend the clan with Ekrem who is also in UK server

I play as Bandit, but im willing to donate 100 wood planks for your clan… just poke me in-game…


why is that?

I just fucked with some strong clan. They want to taste me. It was justified though.

i’m on board, but not really a fan of the tag. you can find me on us east, if you can find me :stuck_out_tongue:


DO NOT fuck with clans yet. There has to be some diplomacy you don’t go on your own and
fuck with them. Just build up your houses and stay together in one certain area and help each other by giving resource etc.

wdoctor123, i love what you’re doing here. Trying to do something about the crap community in this game, and taking a lead doing so. If I personally had the time, I would help with this project but unfortunately I must sit on the side and applaud this action.

I wish [HERO] the best of luck in fulfilling its mandate and becoming a successful force in Rust – you guys will need a lot of organising to accomplish this but I really am happy to see that not everyone who plays Rust is a grade-A D-bag.

I would love to join this group

Thank you very much for your support :smiley: it would be very kind of you if you spread our name :smiley:

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You are very welcome to the clan :smiley:

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PM me for my skype account.

I play on US west and other servers. :smiley: Have a cracking game of rust!