Hero Encounters Giant Monster


how big the monster really is : [sp]http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/11/rpyear15950002.jpg[/sp]

jesus rigging this thing was a pain in the ass.

Lol, you will need alot more phy boxes to rig that motherfucker nicely.
But the model looks really nice :smiley: any plans on a release?

Holy shit what is that thing :aaaaa:

Looks like a Hydra. Preety kewl.

Not yet. I’m still working on it. It’s a real fucker to pose, so I’m trying a different method, where I make the body and the heads separate so posers can pose as many heads as they like with more flexibility and less complications.

Though it’s always going to require some tricky angles and posing, considering it’s a model from an isometric game…

Ha! smart move, that method sounds practical and nice, altho is gonna require alot more work I guess :confused: good luck mate.

Also wondering… from which game is it?

Model still looks amazing so far great work so far!

Cool model but the splashes look kinda out of place.

I agree entirely. I suck ass at getting splashes out of pictures, and I was too lazy to get more than 3 splash pictures.
Not to mention, the river in the picture is low source quality.

Titan Quest.

Great isometric ARPG.

I’d be scared

You can’t be a hero and be scared.

So, can you provide a download link to some Titan Quest models? I wanna get a Telkhine, those are badass.

Bricks were shat.

They’re not rigged…


Holy shit. Now that is a fucking monster. If you ever release it, I am bloody downloading it:) Have an artistic.

Splashes and the blur don’t add up. But who cares with that monster in the pic:)

I think you guys are gonna like the second version of this model more.

I do. It has a lot of errors that are kind of out of my league, but nothing that should be a problem for advanced posers.

Hopefully I can get this released on Christmas day.