Hero fighting against Goblins.


Here’s one that has the goblins on focus:



You can’t spell slaughter without laughter

Uber awesome.

Really nice. You’ve fucked up the brightness/contrast though - the highlights on the character have become too grey.

Got an original?

I don’t really see that.
Here’s the original for the hero in focus.


I’ve also got version with no bloom nor SDoF nor emitters if you want it.

That is some epic shit.


It’s the lack of highlights on the face of the character; emotive points should be the focus of your piece but the lack of a real contrast in tonal values on the face of your character makes him seem dull, flat and unremarkable. Tonal contrast is one way of attracting the viewer to key parts of the image.
I actually find myself more inclined to look at the throng of goblins, despite the fact they are blurred, because they have a nicer and more appealing tonal range.
It looks fine in the original though so, assuming you didn’t turn the brightness/contrast down on the character, I assume it’s the desaturation that has left his face looking flat.

I wouldn’t call that a hero nor fighting… I’d call it a fucking psycho slaughtering Dobbies…

Poor dobby :smith: