Hero of Our Time


Pretty good, but you should of wrote where you blurred out the words. Otherwise funny. And why is it published in 1986, TF2 was around the 60’s.

Original concept. Are those coffee stains on the paper?

flatline amazing work

The coffee stains should be over the letters, not under them.


Otherwise, great work!

Epic, but the black and white image isn’t exactly on the picture of Scout’s mom. I can see some red.

Haha, reminded me of when i was a kid , dreaming to be the world’s strongest man, and all the women would rape me 8’)

Good picture but the blurred text on the left ruins it.

Pretty good.

How could a woman possibly rape the strongest man in the world?
Strongest woman in the world?

Should have changed the date from 1986 to 1960.

Otherwise, it looks good.

Nonono, in my dreams i’d act like a total faggot , shouting "No no please leave me alone :frowning: " at them… I guess i was a weird kid.