Hero of the firelink + Bonus

The shadows are lovely.

I love the glow from the fire on the armor.
Simply beautiful.

The fire looks wrong, but the picture looks dope besides that.

-snip- found it.

Sexy as fuck! I agree with hunternormandy on the smoke and general crap flying in the air though. Just helps add more depth to the scenery.

Keep it up tho!

why is the blue light and everything it touches giving off a strong glow but the apparently very bright fire isn’t?

You make a very valid point, and this is something I overlooked in the editing process.
It’s apparently lighting up dust particles, but why did I not make the fire do the same?

Still new to it so I forget some times.

also remember to make sure that you don’t have any of that weird smooth “fading” going on around your fire effects (bottom and left side of the flame), or if you do then mask it by making the edges of the effect red like they should be

Wow, nice use of SDoF.