Hero RP Request

Well as I was dreaming I though up a thing called ‘Hero RP’. Its very simple, you make classes like: Batman, Superman, and so on. you use big maps like gm_bigcity, and there can be civilians, Prisoners that break out and become like Sandman, and so on. I was thinking big maps because of the super heros flying around or using Spiderman’s Gun, whilst Villans can climb on walls and jump really high to punch the heros out of the sky. You don’t have to make this, if you want to you can modify the idea a bit.

Yours Sincerly,

Fail troll fails

(User was banned for this post ("Crap reply" - Benji))

Not a bad idea.

How is he trolling?

its genius i always wanted a super hero mod
may i make a suggestion NINJAS



Yeah Ginga Ninjas as bad guys :smiley: hehe