Heroes Addon

This is a “Heroes” addon that I’ve been working on for some time now. I got done with watching “Heroes” and started to remember how much I loved the “Heroes” mod for CS. So I made this. Just extract the “Heroes” folder into your “Addons” folder.

For right now, it’s only powers, and only one at a time. Just say “powers” in the chat area to get a list of powers. I’ll upload a tutorial on making powers soon.


I updated this. Changed alot around. Mostly back end stuff. How tables are assigned and stuff. Let me know if anything doesn’t work.

Connect and help me test it!

Your “excessive” use of double quotes “confuses” me.

I haven’t watched heroes but I’ll have a look and see what it’s like.

It’s not that confusing. A better way to say it would be: “Your excessive use of “Double Quotes” confuses me.”

Sounds interesting. Screenshots though?

No download? Link says it is 0 bytes.

Garrysmod.org doesn’t seem to be loading for me. I have some pictures. I will post soon, but really it’s not about graphics. It’s a power management system. Like the one that controls SWEPS. But these are POWS.

It’s down, add the link I gave you Bro_21.

Well it’s not so much confusing as offputting.

When I read it back it’s like having Ricky Gervais as a mental narrator.

Awesome Bro_21. Glad to see you back again.

All we need now is an Ali Larter player model…

So I had a few errors with the first release. Anyone that had it should get the new one. Also, more powers. Right now the list is,

Teleportation V1 and V2
Invisibility – Untested and no way to tell if it’s on or off.
Super Legs

Soon to come are,

and the daddy of them all,

Then after that I’ll just make random fun ones. For right now I want to make the ones I have, look good. With invisibility, I’m almost sure it works, I just need to test it online to make sure. The player model that the camera shows you of yourself isn’t your real one. And I know I need some way to let the player know when its on or off. I have a plan. It will just take some rework of the client server structure I have, but when it’s done It will make it very easy to do fun client side stuff for each POW.

Pretty “nice”. I think this is going to be “handy”. :v:

You stole the super speed (Super legs) from me :cop:

He’s probably not using materials. If he was, he would be able to see the changed material on himself in the camera, because the fake player model would clone his material.

Heroes is a great show, I can’t wait until its next season

Add all the other heroes i can think of, radiation, power stealing, power absorbing, ext…

Make invisible power, make you invisible to npcs, also remove the effect of the phys gun wich ruins invisible alot.

Edit: there are no spelling or grammar mistakes…

Cool http://content.ytmnd.com/content/6/d/a/6da9ebe60037706b2432b97ed60cccfc.mp3


Yes! Bro_21 is back! This looks like it could expand into a cool mod. Whip us up a base SPOW (Scripted power) so we can make our own! I like your GUI for it too - looks very professional

Feihc, how the hell am I unfriendly?
I’ve seeen you correct people plenty of times in posts.

One of your corrections was wrong (“its”, not “it’s”) and you missed about four other things. :smiley:

Anyhow, this looks really cool - I’d love to have a framework to add new powers with.

Perhaps make a ‘Peter Petrelli’ ability where you absorb other peoples abilities who are near you.

Also, can regeneration revive you from death?