Heroes encounter a hydra lair

Fully in-game, I had fun posing this one, sorry if I went crazy with the contrast.

Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated.

Oh my. This is uber awesome. And they are so fucked. Splendid job.
A bit heavy contrast yes.

From where did you get the oblivion model(s)?
Nice pic, the posing is pretty good!

It’s a bit too bright and the Hydra is quite shiny aswell.

Posing is alright on the people but the Hydra posing looks a little weird on the necks.

I thought it said “Horses encounter a hydra lair” :frowning:


Comes with some other models from Oblivion and other random stuff.
Also with a fingerposing fix for the Dark Messiah models.

If you have a link to a nice horse model I will surely make one like that!

Yeah, the hydra model is a bitch to pose, I could have covered the blocky neck parts or at least edited them but I was feeling too lazy to do it.

Thanks for the comments guys :cheers:

Looks awesome! Posing looks great, as does the angle. I do agree that it is a bit bright though.

Thanks for the comment bro :slight_smile: