"Heroes of the Empire"

Original :

Sorry for the blaster’s laser but I don’t know any way to make it looking good.

Laser .png in case anyone wants it :

The blaster bolt looks like a lightsaber blade and the guy in the background isn’t being hit by anything :confused:

Other than that, I like it.

experiment w/ blending modes when doing glowy stuff to make it not look like ass

i’ll release my clean and shiny stormtrooper reskin ASAP btw

Well, I didn’t know what kind of effect I should have added so I let the thing like that.

They’re stormtroopers, they’re going to fall over regardless.

I didn’t use GIMP or Photoshop for this picture. I used a shittier program which is only good for color edits. And that program, Photofiltre, doesn’t have a layer system.

If possible, put a scorch mark on his chest and some smoke around his chest. Heck, even a red flash would do.

Some really wonky posing going on here, and holy shit that blaster bolt. You should get GIMP and get good at it. IT would really help make your pics loads better.

Wonky ? How so ? I know that the falling Stormtrooper looks odd but the other ones looks fine to me.
As for GIMP, I use it for most of my edits but my computer is really slow today and running GIMP on it might not be a good idea…

also the fingerposing looks super lazy. surely you can clench their fingers more?

Thought I take a stab

Too dark and too purple. Blaster bolt is better but it’s coming from the wrong angle. Also, for the OP, he’s crouching really weird, like a squat or some weird thing. The two guy’s running in the background have their legs almost exactly the same, and it looks like a dupe. And the guy falling needs impacts.

I think the one that looks best is the middlemost trooper that is issuing orders, but even then the way he is holding his rifle makes no sense, imo. I’d have the rifle a bit more pointed down or I wouldn’t have my other hand off of it.
The rightmost dead one on the ground bugs me 'cause he’s trying to disco while dead.
Typically, at least from what I’ve seen, troopers don’t squat like that when shooting, plus the butt of the blaster is clipping the arm.
Finally the fellow being toppled looks bad because I can’t envision where he is being hit. He simply looks like he has jumped backwards and is now just falling on his back.
Personally, for an issue like that, I almost always try and make my falling fellows get hit in the shoulders or somewhere that’ll cause them to turn if not twist as they fall to cope with the force of being hit.
I’m excited to watch you churn out the Star Wars stuff, though.
Do we have any rebels?

Wrong angle? Have you seen a Stormtrooper fire? I made it a bit darker to kinda show off the blaster bolts.

not really

which one

it would look better without the already fired blaster bolt btw

If you feel that a stormtrooper’s aim is terrible, you should read this thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1351605 or research it.

he probably means “wrong angle” as in “in relation to where the actual barrel is pointing”

I was joking, Proto. But if we are on the subject, you basing their aim on the 501st, one legion of stormtroopers that were under direct command of Darth Vader himself, so they had to be good or they would be getting crushed trachea. The Stormtroopers seen in the films use numbers and firepower to overwhelm the enemy. example, when the 501st stormed the Tantive IV, just charging in and blasting wildly.

Not just the 501st. Actual stormtroopers. I’ve just seen you make multiple jokes about how terrible their aim is, stops seeming less like a joke.

Ok seriously, taking the whole subject aside, they are just movies dude