Ok so I was thinking of making a darkrp like RP where you can be a hero/villain but I want to ask
would you rather have it like this or this

You can pick a premade hero/villain and play as it(Non-Serious RP Like)

You can start as a low rank and move up and get better heroes like that(SeriousRP like)


I think you can have both but with a few modifications :

Instead of boring pre-made villains and heroes, how about villain and hero customisation? Not just name and description but appearance customising. That would help RP’ers understand others look more clearly and not look like the million batmans on the server.

SeriousRP is not a good idea, since alot of children will join and RP will turn into talking over eachother, but you can use Nutscript for that.

Sounds like something alot of 10 year old like to play. No offence but ever since i saw people play as diffirent heros as jobs in darkrp i cant take it seriusly.

Good Concept.but where does this RP come in.Please don’t tell me all the classes have a counterpart they can kill. xD (BATMANvsJOKER).So whats your response?