He's a killer

Just wanted to do a video by using RagMorph.
Tried to be serious since I haven’t seen anyone use RagMorph in any serious way yet.

The plot is simple but I have tried to keep it interesting.
I guess that’s why it’s only 5 min long.

Have experimented a bit with colours.
Like in the beginning, outside it’s colourful and feels warm but inside it’s grey and cold.
Or at least that was the feeling and look I wanted to achieve.

Feedback appriciated.
Hope you like it. =]

yeah you show em how its suppose to be used. brilliant camera angles at the beginning

and from 4:03 that was cod4 style in the single player mission “One Shot One Kill”

however the ragdoll falling could’ve been abit better especially the guy who got sniped, that should have some knock back to it.


if you could possibly code something like a npc/ragdoll hybrid that would be useful in machinima

so that parts of the body could be moved freely while a character was executing a face poser scene.

e.g: move ragdolls arms left and right while the npc/ragdoll hybrid was speaking using a .vcd file.

I definitely agree with ToNz, it would help compensate for animations that the npcs aren’t capable of and

would widen a huge range of potential for npcs.

RagMorph is such a great tool for machinima.