He's a shootin' maaan.

first he shotted…

then he got shotted.

HD model next to Low Quality cars?

Not a good combo.

The blood is very bright, but the depth of field is great. Also where can i get the carbine ?

Its in a random pack I downloaded. D:


here it is gtanoofa


He deserves to die for putting the EoTech that far up the rail.

The posing doesn’t look good in the second pic, it looks like he’s casually talking to someone. You also overdid the posing on his legs, his torso should go down first. Based on the posing, I’d imagine he got shot in the lower stomach area.

You always seem a bit dizzy boyo. You must stop with dem joints.

clipping is more or less unavoidable in decent gunposes, but where you can, try to cover it up or photoshop it out. casings are way too small for 5.56 - they look more like 9mm casings, and rather than just falling out, they should be hurltling across the screen. most rifles (and even some pistols) will kick those things anything up to 20 feet away (which results in the wondrous experience that is getting a faceful of hot brass from the guy two lanes over at the range, the minimi is particularly guilty of this). unless the extractor is on the verge of kicking the bucket, those motherfuckers should be flying. posing on these is a little awkward, balance seems off. blood is something i’d expect from an exit, not an entry, and doesn’t blend too well. entry holes generally don’t spurt blood, maybe a trickle will run out or some will ‘hang’ in the air as the body falls, but it doesn’t come gushing out like that.

also, keep in mind - bullets (or buckshot) don’t throw people. if someone is shot dead, they’re going to drop on the spot. at most, you’ll see whichever limb was hit snap back, but not the whole body. if they’re running, chances are they’re going to keep running for a few paces until they run out of steam and lose their balance. remember, not even a headshot is instant death.

In his defense those BL models aren’t really that ‘HD’. Look at the mag pouches, knees, pockets, gloves, crotch (straps), and that insignia patch…good lord. Neck and head are the only nice parts of those models, or at least this one in particular.

But yes those low quality cars need to go mang

lol that was easy, I searched with the term “car” hehe :downs:

they don’t have the hl2 feel though :colbert:

Now I feel like reskinning those cars and giving them all the shaders


Actually I think I will, time to bake some AO

Nice pose. To bad about the low res cars. There is a lot of decent car packs out there. Use them.

Good posing, other than where the gun is clipping his chest in the first picture.