''He's dead. c' mon let's get outta here!'' 2 mobsters driving away after a drive-by.

After playing some Mafia again I made this pose out of boredom. C and another C please.



could do with a better angle

just my only brag

I like the use of the in-game blood.

The angle suck. :confused:


hoo, better. The editing is pretty cool, but you should work on the angle! :wink:

Thanks, I couldn’t really find a good angle the street was kinda small. I guess I should find less suckish maps.

Crappy camera angle and very empty, but I love the idea, the posing and the editing.

Sorry about the emptiness I couldn’t find any prohibition-era citizens, thanks for the C&C.

I like the concept, and the picture was nice. Though the angle was weird