"He's dead Jim! There's nothing you can do except get your ass up the beach!"

I dunno maybe I should quit editing, I don’t seem to be too good at it in my opinion

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Other version


Where do you get the Waw soldier models?

The lack of shadows on the sand is a little irritating, but the posing’s not too bad.

That map doesn’t have shadows for anything to begin with.

Nice posing and editing, however a few things bother me.

That m1 garand model sorta sucks (my fault :downs:), and that guy that’s saying “He’s dead Jim!”, his pose looks silly with this situation.

Overall I like it, nice work.

You could have tried adding shadows. Practice makes perfect, my dear.

I like the tracer fire.

And also:

should have edited a little more, try putting the DOF closer or some color mod tinkers here and there but cool overall

The splashes look like they’re shooting from above.

Star Trek reference in the title?
Pose looks nice :3:

DAMMIT BONES! It doesn’t have to BE this way!

I updated the Op with a second version because I didn’t like the posing of the one guy in the first one

second version also has better looking weapons
Also nice avatar Hunter

and no star trek reference,

I like the new version more, awesome job on it.

thanks everyone.

I like it, but it’d need some SDoF :smiley:

I love the posing but the really really black water and the very bright splashes look quite distracting.

Some more realistic green* tracers would have been cool too.

*Germans used green right? I can’t remember.

germans used yellow predominantly, for infantry weapons and tank-mounted mgs anyway. they used all sorts in aircraft. the soviets used green in pretty much every goddamn thing and the russian military still does. the us, britain, and now a good portion of europe generally use red.

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also this strikes me as more as a pacific picture although that then beggars the question of why the fuck marines would bear the insignia of the 29th infantry division, a us army unit and one of the first to land on d-day. jesus christ this is confusing. maybe it’s north africa? i don’t even know.

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wait no those are amtracks, i’m stupid. definitely marines, it’s pacific.

yes it is pacific, i thought the palm trees and camo helmets would have shown that

also the insignia is just there unfortunately. long story short i had to Dl someone’s reskin of these guys because the original download wasn’t working