"Hes dead Jim, you got him" Two soldiers hold a insane soldier back

His blank face was intentional, you know, goin crazy. A cookie to whoever gets the movie reference (Besides Fear57 and Chesty >.>) C&C


Didn’t you already submit this once? Or did the old thread get locked?

They look a little ‘chilled’ to be holding him back, I dunno. Other wise. Good posing once again. ^^

No actually, this was entered into the Military madness contest, I liked it, so I thought it should have its own thread


Thanks Rick ^^

Nice picture, but his left arm is a bit stiff (the insane one) but good picture!

I think. If he was going crazy, he needs to be more wide eyed and open mouthed.

No guesses? Cmonnn, ill give you a hint, Luke Skywalker was in it :smiley:

I thought I knew, but they weren’t Airborne. And I forgot it’s name anyway :v:

Your getting there

A Mark Hamill… Goddammit!


Big Red One?

Ding ding ding we have a winner.

Band of Brothers mother fucker.

Yay! Where’s my cookie!? :wink:



really really REALLY sloppy editing

He dosn’t look crazy. But the other two are very well posed.

Thanks for it guys