"He's got a detonator!"

Posing practice with the marsoc models.


C&C,Feel free to edit this.

“lalalalallalalalalalala” boom

Wait they’re not suicide bombers!
That russian is a spy!
Wheres the shadows??? o.O


why the middle guy and right guy doesn’t care?

I tried to make it look like the two soldiers on the left look like they’re running,the guy on the far left does care but its just that he is in so much shock that he froze.

Suicidal Russian?


It can’t be true!

Hahaha… Civil Protection references are awesome

Back to the picture:

fairly bad posing and its a bit bland

Why is there a HUGE FUCKING C4 floating, I know it’s not on his back because you can tell derp.

Poor Russian bomber lol, He must have suffered so much carrying that big ass C4 on his back all the way to the target.

About the pic, It is a bit bland, but its a nice idea. :slight_smile:

“Oh it’s just private Vladimir with his fancy backpacks…”
The guy’s holding the gun weirdly but nice concept.

Why would a Russian soldier be a suicide bomber?.. and putting the huge C4 model on his back was a pretty dumb idea.

“Let’s not blow this out of porportion…” (In Russian)
I’ll stop.