"He's new, give him a chance."

I was completely bored today, and decided to make some poses.
And yes, i know it’s crap and has no effects.


This could be funny if the posing was good and had a bit of editing.
But unless it is supposed to be funny and relating with the game Garry’s Mod do NOT use gm_construct.
Also for future reference, do not post what you think is crap. Even if you do think it is crap DO NOT STATE IT. Or else you will get about 7 different people saying “If you knew it was crap why post?”

Congratulations. Those were exactly the words you needed to say to get no one interested in your picture. If you can’t get excited and happy about your own work, why would you feel the need to show it to a crowd of anonymous people on the internet?

My advice would be something that has been repeated forever and shall forever be repeated. Don’t post things you did when you were “bored,” especially if you use excuses like “it’s my first _____” or in this case “i know it’s crap.” And here’s one you can pass down to future generations yourself: Never use gm_construct. I’m seeing less and less exceptions to this rule daily.

That being said, I can see the thread’s title in the characters, so when it comes to the actual posing, it looks better than something that is “crap,” but it can still be improved in many ways. One big one is to watch out for posing characters completely upright and then altering just a limb or two, as it seems you did with the middle two characters. If you had chosen a different map, maybe switched out some ragdolls for more appropriate ones, this could’ve been good.

There’s definitely potential, so don’t get all hung up on it. Strive for greatness.

And then I get scooped on my story. I’m just a mirror of Reno360’s post, ignore me.

Lol Ninja’d.:ninja: And I thought my post was long.
Don’t ignore him. He covers points in detail that my comment missed.

Thank you.
I used Construct on purpose, since i wanted a “Sandbox” feel.
Nonetheless, thanks for the Constructive criticism.

Never, ever, give them a chance.

but it is

Supposed to be.
It failed. Retarded Mingebag posing stuff isnt funny anymore.